Millers Catering Butchers – London

Millers Catering Butchers – London

Rob Miller is your traditional good old fashion butcher who has been in the butchery field for well over 35 years, and making a statement about it.

Starting at the age of 13 Rob would spend his Saturday mornings working at his local butchers shop near to where he lived in Croydon. It was here where he would begin his journey in learning the craftsmanship and master the trade of butchery, he can now be called a Master Butcher.

Over the years whilst acquiring multiple skills in butchery he decided this was his passion and later began to work on his goals of setting up his own company Millers Catering Butchers. This was the easy part as this was something he had been doing for what seemed an eternity, but yet he always found himself faced with the same questions from potential customers. “Do you have a website” or “can we find you on-line?” After realising that he was potentially cutting his market in as much as half Rob decided to give his business the on-line presents it deserved. It was here he came into contact with Croydon Web Design and their team who have not only put Rob on the map of the internet but also helped him to market the business in numerous different ways.

Due to this Rob has seen an increase in sales through the website with it bringing in up to half of his customer clientèle.

Thanks to Croydon Web Design and their team, Millers Catering Butchers is one of the front line runners for traditional wholesale butchers on-line



Rob Miller is a traditional family butcher with a large client base, he wanted to have presents on the internet for potential clients and and for existing clients to touch base with.



Give Millers Catering Butcher a web presents with a modern look but showcase there traditional values. Build up Social Signals, Build only quality back-link over several months. Encourage existing clients to leave reviews across the web on business review sites, Web Directories, and Social Media Sites.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Web Directories
  • WordPress CMS
  • Custom CSS
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