Little Chess Masters – Children’s Chess Tuition

Little Chess Masters – Childrens Chess Tuition

Philip is a qualified Maths and Physics teacher who has a special gift of teaching young children the skills and stagnates their need to understand the Artform that is Chess. Speared on by one of his current clients Philip decided it was time for a website is the rest of the world about his extraordinary talent.



Little Chess Masters is a website dedicated to teaching and training children the art of Chess. Philip is a consummate professional that has a unique skill for teaching young children chess at a competition level. Croydon Web Design help Philip showcase his skills.


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Little Chess Masters - Children's Chess Tuition
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Little Chess Masters - Children's Chess Tuition
Little chess masters is a website to help children learn the art of Chess. Owned and operated of Philip Hurtado a qualified Maths and Physics teacher.
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