Basic Website Design

Basic Websites – New for 2017(No Bells and Whistles)

We are approached by people every day wanting a cheap basic website that looks expensive. Then their realise the amount of work involved and always have to compromise on their idea to conquer the internet.

So this year we have introduced a Basic Website Design for people with big ideas and small budgets. A basic Website comprising of 3 mobile friendly Pages*, giving information about your business, what you do and where you do it. Choose from 3 design layouts and use your own colours and logo.

The offer is for new websites only, not website redesigns.
Basic Website Design £300

What You Get:

  1. Homepage with 1 Stock image from out library.
  2. Our Services with a list of services provided by your business. 1 stock image will be placed on this page. Additional images to represent services you provided added at extra cost. We will not add any trade association logos without proof of membership to that associate (Business or Employee)
  3. Contact Us/Me page with a basic contact form (only basic information collected Name, Email and message nothing else)
  4. Your business added to Google, Bing and Here maps for 1 Service only, if you want to add more services, you will need to this yourself or pay an additional amount to have us add these services for you.
  5. A Mobile optimised website (your website will be Mobile-Friendly/Device Responsive)
  6. Your website will be found on the two major search engines (Google and Bing)
  7. A secure website with basic and essential security features to protect your website and website visitors. Regular security scans.

What You Don’t Get:

  1. No Domain Name
  2. No website Hosting
  3. No Logo Designed by us or Branding Design (You supply your branding)
  4. No Text writing. You know more about your business, so you know what to say about it. You will need to provide text for all pages on your website including the contact page. Croydon Web Design will provide text needed for compulsory pages required on every website (Privacy Policy and Terms of Service) any Disclaimer page text will need to be provided by you.
  5. No SEO. You will have a good looking website with basic SEO to be found for your business name. We do not guarantee that people will find you for any of the services you provide.
  6. No Web directory listings. You will be provided with a list of the most important web directories to list your business. This will be a personalised list.
  7. No Social Bookmaking and No Social media integration.

Web Supply 3 Months Support for Basic Websites 

3 Moden Basic Website Designs

Designs Colours are Customisable, Layout are not. Images are replaceable in all designs

Optional Extras

More Options available: Just Call

Extra Pages

£50.00per page
£50.00per page
  • Image Gallery
    Area Targeted Page for Service Businesses

More Detailed Contact Form

£30.00upto 5 extra fields
£30.00upto 5 extra fields
  • All Forms come with 3 basic fields
    (Name, Email or Phone Number and Message)
    Available Fields
    Newsletter Signup
    Dropdown Box
    Check Boxes
    Calculating / Conditional Logic

Social Media Integration



£150.003 pages
£150.003 pages

*Disclaimer: This offer is for a 3 Page Basic Website design. It does not include a domain name or hosting. All writing needs to be supplied by you.